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Pasta diamentowa
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We are a manufacturer of high quality diamond pastes, alumina pastes, diamond polish for professional mold making and metalworking applications.

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The products we offer are made of high quality materials. Each of them has a card with a detailed description.
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Purpose of diamond pastes

Diamond paste is a product designed for preliminary and final grinding, polishing and lapping of both flat, but also conical, spherical or cylindrical surfaces.

It is a special suspension of diamond grain, which high percentage of diamond in the paste. This grain is placed in a semi-fluid medium, which in the case of SD diamond pastes is a water-oil or oil-oil link.

SD diamond paste is oil-soluble, and thanks to its special formulation, it remains durable and effective even at higher heat release. It can be used for both manual and machine processing of workpieces made of such metals as ceramics, alloyed and hardened steel, carbide, or semiconductor materials. It is also sometimes used to clean jewelry products.

What concentration of diamond grit is in the paste depends on how hard and large the material being worked on is. The type of diamond paste that is used determines how polished a given surface is.

To achieve a mirror effect on the polished surface, manufacturers and specialists recommend using pastes with a high oil content.

pasta diamentowa polerska
Pasty polerskie
Technical information

Material Safety Data Sheets

A Chemical Safety Data Sheet is a document that contains a description:

  • Hazards that may be caused by a specific chemical substance or mixture
  • Basic physical and chemical data about it
  • Ways to deal with the emergence of a dangerous situation
  • Methods to minimize risks when dealing with it
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