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Bearing abrasive paste

Product price:

70,00  netto
86,10  brutto

Short description:

Available gradation of the paste: DZ 110 / DZ 100 / DZ 90

Paste packaging: 50g


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Product description

Abrasive pastes for bearings

Abrasive PastesSurface Roughness Ra in µm maximum After processing
DZ 110 gray0.500
DZ 100 gray0.400
DZ 90 gray0.320


DZ type pastes are used for:

  • valves,
  • taps
  • sockets
  • bearings
  • valves in engines
  • compressors
  • precision mechanisms
  • shaft grinding
  • polishing very accurate steel surfaces
  • minerals
  • cast iron
  • brass
  • copper
  • aluminum


  1. High product efficiency
  2. Easy application to the material being processed
  3. Convenient packaging
  4. High quality


Diamond paste should be stored at a temperature of 25° +/- 5° C

Special Order

DZ pastes from “120” to DZ “160”

DZ pastes 500 g-1000 g

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