About the company

Strona główna About the company

We produce diamond pastes

We focus on high quality

We are a manufacturer of high quality diamond polishing pastes, abrasive pastes, grinding pastes and diamond powders.

Our pastes are proven by customers throughout the country and abroad. Recipients of the pastes are both manufacturers in the metal industry and wholesalers who distribute our products.

The products meet with recognition among customers, as we try to make the financial conditions and transport to suit you so that our cooperation is the most advantageous and takes a long-term form. We are open to any customer. We provide advice and counseling on the selection of pastes for polished material.

Diamond paste manufacturer

We welcome your cooperation

Customer satisfaction with our products is the priority of our business and allows for long-term cooperation, which is the key to the success of the company.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer hoping that it will meet with your appreciation and allow you to establish permanent cooperation.

Technical information

Material Safety Data Sheets

A Chemical Safety Data Sheet is a document that contains a description:

  • Hazards that may be caused by a specific chemical substance or mixture
  • Basic physical and chemical data about it
  • Ways to deal with the emergence of a dangerous situation
  • Methods to minimize risks when dealing with it
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