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Polishing paste for aluminum wheels

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70,00  netto
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Short description:

Professional polishing paste for polishing rims.

Paste gradation: DZ 20 smoothing / DZ 10 and DZ 0 polishing

Package: Plastic container 50g


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Product description

Wheel Polishing Paste

Almost every vehicle is now equipped with alloy wheels. There are several reasons why a car owner with such wheels decides to polish them. The main reason is to get rid of scratches and restore the original appearance of the wheels.

Some cars have wheels that are already polished and covered with a clear coat. After several years of use, the coat needs refreshing. Scratches are visible on the wheels, and in some cases, the coat is worn down to the metal.

This is where our wheel polishing paste comes in! We offer pastes that will restore the former shine to your car’s wheels and eliminate scratches. Our polishing paste creates a protective layer on the metal surface, removes road and organic dirt, as well as eliminates scratches, rust, and all kinds of deposits.


  • chrome
  • aluminum
  • unpainted metal
  • gold
  • silver
  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • copper


  • can be applied both manually and with a machine
  • brings out the depth of color and shine
  • safe for the paint
  • efficient
  • easy to use
Green Polishing PasteSurface Roughness Ra in µm maximum after processing
DZ-20 gray/greensmoothing0.050
 DZ-10 gray/greenpolishing0.040
 Dz-0 gray/greenpolishing0.032


Diamond paste should be stored at a temperature of 25° +/- 5° C

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