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Diamond was created in nature in extreme conditions, at great depths below the surface of the earth as a result of significant pressure of up to 70-80 tons per square centimetre at a temperature of 1100 - 1300 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, such circumstances of diamond formation affect both the rarity of its occurrence and its high price. Therefore, only artificial diamond synthesis could give

Now a bit about diamonds. Diamond is the hardest of known minerals, also beautiful and fantastic, carbon in crystalline form because that is it in fact, which has been absorbing the souls and minds of all people for a long time. It is characterized by a very small coefficient of friction, has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion, is chemically inert and abrasion resistant, and is an elect

Improving and simplifying the methods of obtaining artificial diamonds is a constant topic of many researches. Recently, a team of Chinese scientists has developed a method of synthesis that, although far from perfect, is done at the lowest temperature.  Synthetic diamonds are generally produced by the hydrothermal method - at about 800 °C, using water, carbon and metal under high pressur


Safety Data Sheet 

The Chemical Material Safety Data Sheet is a document containing the description of: 

  •  hazards that may be caused by a particular chemical substance or mixture, 
  •  basic physicochemical data about it, 
  •  how to deal with a hazardous situation, 
  •  methods to minimize risk in contact with it, 


We are a producer of high quality polishing, diamond polishing, abrasive and grinding pastes. Our pastes are checked by customers throughout the country and abroad.

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